Fresh Produce Report 7 March

Butternut Pumpkin

After weeks of rock bottom prices, poor weather in Victoria has resulted in potatoes inching up in price but pumpkins and onions remain cheap and of top quality.

Broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, corn and beans are a reasonable price. Carrots, great tasting but at times unattractive snow peas and beetroot are cheap. Eggfruit and capsicums are a mix of quality, sizes and prices.

The weather has affected herb supplies, raising prices. There is plenty of salad mix with a good shelf life. Iceberg and cos lettuce have risen in price but fancy lettuce is plentiful.

Shepard avocados and the whole tomato category are cheap but cucumbers and shallots have firmed in price. Spinach and spring onions should be plentiful.

Buy pineapples with caution after growers of smooth skin varieties have begun cutting the tops off their fruit confusing their less flavoursome produce with the quality hybrid varieties.

New season grapefruit are tangy. Lemons and limes are cheap.  Blueberries are still the best berry buy over raspberries and mixed quality strawberries but look for an Australian brand which should be superior in taste and quality over imported produce.

 Apples and pears are in full season, banana quality has dropped but the fruit is still eating well and rockmelon and watermelon have both risen in price. Pawpaws remain expensive but passionfruit have dropped in price.

Choose yellow nectarines and peaches over the lesser quality, late season white variety. Plums are of excellent quality and plentiful.

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